OPSEC and Author Disclaimer

Regarding my count down:

The 103rd’s orders with the number of days assigned to be deployed in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom were read publicly at the going away ceremony. The number of days of the deployment has also been reported in the media. I’m not publishing anything that’s not already out there. It ain’t OPSEC if it was announced in front of about 700 or more people at an event open to the public and covered by the media. This information, as well as the number of troops going, was the second story on the nightly news the day it happened. NO MORE YOUR COUNT DOWN IS VIOLATING OPSEC EMAILS.

Regarding my blogging:
The words written on this blog belong to me, utilizing the nom de plume of 103rdTransferWife. In no way, shape, or form should my words be attributed, believed to have come from, or believed to be the opinion of anyone else including the Army, any official Army source, or my husband. Any consequences for this blog should be directed at the person writing it. If you have concerns about my posts please feel free to contact me via this site or at my email which is 103rdtransferwife at gmail dot com.

Thank you.

I’m just an American, utilizing the First Amendment, under the terms of service of the website hosting my blog.

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