Posted by: 103rdtransferwife | May 27, 2010

Does the 103rd have an FRG?

367 days until I won’t care about the answer to that question, because my husband is NOT staying with this unit once this deployment is done.

Because I haven’t seen evidence of one, and I sure haven’t heard from one. I’m shocked that a unit with the soldiers deployed hasn’t had a FRG meeting. My husband completed the paperwork so they know my information and that I want to be involved, but I haven’t heard from them

Thankfully, my husband’s home unit is taking care of me. However they can’t get me the information I need. That’s ALL I need from this unit’s FRG, information.

Again, this shows how this unit does not care about the real families, and doesn’t care about the transfers one bit. I knew that when I left Des Moines that would be the last I’ve heard from them, and that has held true.

I don’t even know how to contact the rear detachment. The phone number I found on the internet just rings and rings, no answer and no voice mail.

On a much more positive note….


  1. Hello 103rd ESC Transfer Wife,

    Mobilization is a stressful time for all soldiers and families. The Family Readiness Group is available to support you with any questions that you might have. They can also help you get signed up for our Yellow Ribbon Events, so that you can receive access to the information and resources that you are requesting.

    Please contact 1LT Holub at, phone: 515.285.4692 x3076/3074 for further assistance.

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