Posted by: 103rdtransferwife | May 25, 2010

Gee… Thanks 103rd

369 days until my husband’s home for good, and I won’t have to worry about any stinking badges passes.
Yesterday my husband called and said he had good news and bad news. Usually when he calls and says this, he only has bad news, a pattern which held with this call. I’ve told him to stop calling and saying the good news/bad news thing.
Basically, some twit in administration decided that my husband needed to do something he has been deferred on until after his pass, NOW. This thing had the capability to very much mess up his plans to come home for his pass.

NOTE TO THE 103rd: YOU HAVE HIM FOR 400 DAYS. LEAVE HIS VERY VERY SHORT PASS ALONE. That time is MY TIME. Don’t mess with my time! I get him for a very short few days, you get him for over a year. Do you realize how awful you make the whole unit look when you do something that can mess up the pass? No, I doubt you do. I don’t know, maybe you don’t have a family, but maybe you could even begin to try understand the far reaching effects your stupid edict can have. Maybe, just maybe you will think next time. (Note, the item isn’t a training related one. It is one which can be very quickly and efficiently handled once my husband returns from his pass. That this was brought up before the pass was just sheer stupidity.) It’s a really great way to treat your “family” members isn’t it? Yes, that’s just how a family treats each other, sending plans into chaos because of a stupid need to get a simply remedied box checked off, now.

Note for the future, don’t even screw with R&R. Just DON’T. START PLANNING IT NOW, so that when the time comes it can be done in an orderly and efficient, and fair manner. If all the senior officers and NCO’s have Christmas home, and the lower ranking officers and enlisted don’t that very much shows where your true loyalties lie, and very much debunks the myth that this unit is a “family.” Yes, I do plan on throwing that declaration back at the unit’s face every time something like this happens. Again, this is not how a real family treats the other family members, and calling a unit a family very much cheapens the definition of a family. Maybe if I saw that this unit’s leadership was treating those they oversee in some semblance of the way a family treats the other’s I’d stop harping on it, but so far, I just am not seeing it.

Basically I spent 12 hours in an anxiety attack thanks to this pin headed decision. There is a lot I am emotionally prepared for, but this wasn’t it. I’m emotionally ready, maybe, for my husband to go to Iraq. I’m emotionally ready for the craptastic communication we will deal with. Having a longed for pass messed with, with all the financial implications that went along with it wasn’t one of the things I even thought I would need to prepare for. I mean had the pass been canceled, we would be out the $450 for my husband’s airfare, the $800 my airfare to Texas would have cost, a rental car, etc etc etc.

Thankfully this appears to be resolved in a positive manner. I’m only hoping there won’t be any more hiccups between now and when my husband gets on the plane to come home for his pass. Oh, and 103rd don’t even bother calling him. I will hang up on you. Again, this is our family’s time together. You get to take him for over a year. Leave us alone on this pass.

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