Posted by: 103rdtransferwife | April 30, 2010

How did I end up here?

395 days until my love comes home.

One of things which sustains me about my husband’s deployment to Iraq, is that his Unit’s mission is to wrap things up there and bring the rest of the soldiers home.  It gives me a good deal of peace to know that my husband is going over there to work to send the rest of the soldiers home to their families.  It gives me peace knowing he’s going over there to wrap this mission up, end the job honorably, and leave the Iraqis to their own fate. I am very proud of the job that my husband and the soldiers in his unit have been sent to do. I pray for them everynight, and cannot wait until they all come home safe.

I’m a rare breed in military wifedom.  I’m a Democrat.  I’ve protested against the Iraq war, holding a sign asking to bring the troops home.  In bumper sticker rhetoric, I believe that Bush, Cheney, and Rove and company lied, and the best America has to offer died.  Yeah, I drove all over the local base with an anti-Bush sticker on my car.  Some one once said something about it, and I thanked him for his service which allowed me to put whatever I wanted on my car.  I meant it.  We all owe our ability to spout off, protest, rant, praise, and pursue life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness due to those who stand guard for us.  We owe the men and women willing to sign up and protect our freedoms so much.  At least we owe them a decent and functioning VA system, a post for another day. I did vote for President Obama, but have lately been very dissatisfied with how things have been going.  For one, I’d love to see DADT be lifted.

However, my support of the troops has been unwavering.  It’s allowed in America to question and protest the Commander in Chief, a fact the tea partiers are now demonstrating.  Peacefully petitioning the government for redress is a right given to all Americans, not just those who agree with the party in power at that time.  Having “issues” with the Iraq war doesn’t make me a traitor, and it doesn’t make me a back stabbing commie  socialist either.

I proudly wear a 2 blue star pin.  One star for my husband, and one star for my sister, who is a combat medic

My husband and I have young preschool aged daughter. She is a daddy’s girl and misses him terribly.  She’s shown some regression since her daddy left for training over a month ago.  Thank goodness not in the potty training department, rather in the eating department.  I’ve taken to pretty much feeding her if I want her to eat.  I’m just going to be patient and loving.  She’ll feed herself sooner or later.

I’m trying to think of something productive to do while my husband is gone.  I’m seriously thinking about getting the Rosetta Stone software and learning a language.  Spanish would increase my marketability in my employment by far.  However I have the weird desire to learn Latin. I recently took on additional responsibilities at work to create a marketing package for the small company I work for.  My boss was a bit apprehensive about asking me, but I told him one of the best ways to cope is to be busy.

I’m waiting for the high emotions of this deployment to calm down.  I love my husband very much.  He is a third of our family and he is missing from our home.  Thing’s aren’t right without him here. I keep waiting for this new normal to kick in, while really wanting my old normal back.  It’s beyond overwhelming that he’ll be gone over a year.  The Air Force and Navy run shorter deployments, what’s wrong with the Army?

My plans for this blog are to discuss what’s on my mind.  Some day’s I’ll talk deployment.  I anticipate this will likely be the only post where I address politics.  Some day’s I’ll talk about something in the news.  Some day’s I’ll advocate for vetrans and families involved with the military.  Some days I’ll talk about Oprah and how her No Phone Zone campaign annoys the hell out of me.  Of course her car is a no phone zone.  She has a freaking driver and can sit in the back and text and talk to her heart’s content.

So that’s my introduction.  I’m not from Iowa.  I love where I live.  Just trying to figure out my new life as my old one has been turned totally upside down.

PS: Why doesn’t my trusty firefox spell checker work on this page, and why don’t I see a curser?

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